We bring a wealth of skills and experience from a wide range of backgrounds


Core Team

Matija Rosovic
Chief Executive Officer
Matija has a strong background in operations management, blockchain, and AI technology, including a deployed patent application. Having led and trained a team of 7 consultants to develop a flagship product, Matija is a skilled communicator and leader who always strives for the best results from his team and drives projects to achieve success.
Noman Rasheed
COO, Co-Founder
Co-founder, advisor, and board member of multiple DeFi and GameFi projects. Gaming Enthusiast, passionate, and extremely curious about Blockchain and NFT technology. I have been an entrepreneur and cryptocurrency investor since 2013 and involved in crypto gaming, fintech, and DeFI space since 2017.
Martina Andjelkovic
Chief Marketing Officer
Everything Martina is passionate about is digital. She's been involved with the digital marketing and community management industry for twelve years and has seen its growth from the nascent days to the present. As a result, she is well versed in the field and knows precisely what it takes to grow a business—she is an entrepreneur in her own right and runs a digital marketing agency, Snajka de Madre.


Nelli Orlova
Founder InnMind, CVO Scaleswap
Fabian Crypto
Oddiyana Ventures, SpiderSilk Capital
Orion Depp
Managing Partner, Master Ventures Inv. Mgmt.
Co-founder - Versa Labs, MP - Origin Ventures
Dorji Rabten
Co-founder Oddiyana Ventures, Co-Founder Cloudwork in Blockchain Advisor
Theodore Agranat
Founder Alpha Crypto Capital, Ex-President & Founder Yellowbrick Group of Companies
Pavel Dibin
Partner InnMind, Director Data Science and Analytics at Veeam Software